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Dutch Tattoo Studios: The Book About Tattoo Artists In The Netherlands

by Andre van Zomeren

This large, full-color, hardcover picture book is the first of its kind to feature Holland's most-renowned tattoo artists and their works. It also gives the viewer a unique and up-close look into their shops, as well.

Tattoo studios featured are:
Bonkerk Tattoo - Brian's Needle Art - Bunker Tattoo - Dick de Wit's Magic Tattoo - Dragon Tattoo - Fine line Tattoo Middelburg - Inkstitution Tattoo & Gallery - Jim's Tattoo - Junkfood Johnny's Tat-O-rama - King of Kings Tattoo - Mad Science Tattooing - Marco Bratt Tattoo - Oneness Design - Rinto's Tattooshop - Rob Admiraal Tattoo - Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattooing - Seven Seas Tattoos - Sevenseastatau - Skin-A-Matic - Sparta Tattoo - Tattoo Centre Alkmaar - Tattoo Eus - Tattoo Herco - Tattoo Mania - Tattoo Mick - Tattoo O.K.Corral - Tattoo Peter - Tattoo Studio Jan - Veni Vedi Vici Tattoo - Yugen Tattoo

Hardcover. 304 pages. Measures 10" X 12 1/2"

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