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Flat $6.00 shipping cost no matter how many books you buy in one order! All items are carefully packed and shipped promptly from within the USA via USPS.

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Non-book items are not available in Canada


Same as for US but please note that payment must be made in US funds and the prevailing PayPal exchange rate will apply if starting with Canadian funds.


The GST or HST applicable to the destination province of your order will be added automatically when you checkout. Please note that the tax line item only appears at the very last step, just before you confirm the shipping and payment details for the order.


Flat $15.00 USD shipping cost* no matter how many books you buy in one order but there is one wrinkle. Before you checkout, please add the Canadian Shipping Surcharge via the add to cart button below:

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As always, all items are carefully packed and shipped promptly via Canada Post. We ship to Canadian customers from within Canada so there are no customs or border hassles.

*You are probably wondering: "Why the extra charge for Canada?" Fair question. You can blame Canada Post - they just don't offer as good a deal on shipping books.

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