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by Nakamura Toshikazu

From the creators of Ryushin and Kokoro, Kofuu Senjuu Publications of Sweden, comes this deluxe limited-edition (550 copies worldwide) hardbound book that features embossed and lacquered titles and over 150 full-color photographs of Nakamura Toshikazu’s distinct Irezumi works and printed on 170 gram Galerie Art Silk paper. Dentowaza is the result of Yokohama-based master Horiyoshi III's recommendation that the publishers visit the Omuta-shi, Fukuoka-based master, Nakamura Toshikazu.

Master Toshikazu's work is simple, bold and powerful, and is created entirely using traditional Japanese hand tattooing aka, dentowaza. Linework, shading and coloring are all done using this method, yet Nakamura Toshikazu is surprisingly productive. The full-body tattoos and backpieces presented in Dentouwaza are just a fraction of his body of work, but provide an excellent visual representation.

Hardcover. 144 pages. Measures 10" X 14'

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