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Sublime Stitching Tattoo Patterns

Two Sets

This purchase is for 2 tattoo-themed Sublime Stitching pattern sets.

Just iron these designs on fabric (they imprint multiple times) and stitch along the lines for embroidery with an edge! Complete instructions and an embroidery lesson come in each pack of patterns to get you started stitching. Beginner? Veteran? They have something fresh for all of you!

In Tattoo Your Towels: The perfect marriage of needle arts. What else is there to say? Vintage tattoo flash embroidery patterns. Righteous. One 8.5" x 11" sheet of reusable iron- on embroidery patterns.

In Tattoo Alphabet: Want some more lettering options? Well, what could be cooler than a tattoo- style alphabet? Little banners and scrolls for extra decoration in true, tattoo-flash fashion. One 8.5" x 11" sheet of reusable iron-on embroidery patterns.

$9.99 USD

Not available in Canada.