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Nordisk Tatovering (Nordic Tattooing)

by Jon Nordstrom

Imported directly fron Denmark, Nordic Tattooing is editor Jon Nordstrom's follow-up to the outstanding Danish Tattooing.

Spanning 100 years, Nordic Tattooing is an amazing reference and flash collection. Two-hundred of this large and thick hardcover's 320 pages are dedicated to flash and tattooists' original drawings, providing a fascinating look into the development of tattooing in the Nordic countries between 1885 and 1985. Swedish tattooists who were sailors and tattooed Norwegians, plus the Danish tattooists who gathered in Nyhavn and tattooed drunk Swedes, are all featured in this book. Text is in Danish and English.

Hardcover. 320 pages. Measures 10" X 10"

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