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New York City Tattoo

by Michael McCabe, Published by Don Ed Hardy

Through historic photos, tattoo artwork, and interviews, New York City Tattoo documents the lively, humorous, and often violent early years of American tattooing in the 20th century, in the words of the men who "pushed the pins" in places like Coney Island and the Bowery.

Cultural historian Michael McCabe, America's pre-eminent chronicler of tattoo history, gained the confidence of the small, hermetic community of people working in the "wild old days" when tattooing was a marginalized practice. This is a passionate, personal record full of amazing rough and tumble stories from a distant era, light years away from tattooing's current popularity and acceptance.

This newly-revised edition of New York City Tattoo has been expanded to 144 pages with even more stunning visuals, a revised author's forward, and added text about where the tattooers are now.

Softcover. 144 pages. Measures 8 1/2" X 11"

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