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Filip Leu

The Leu Family's Family Iron

by Fabio Paleari

This out-of-print large hardcover book is an inside look at the Leu Family, with an emphasis on Filip Leu. The Leu Family, most notably Felix and Filip Leu, are known the world over as perhaps the greatest tattoo artists that have ever lived. The book is also very special as it was made before the father Felix Leu passed away a few years back due to Cancer. This book takes you back in time a bit, so you can get to know the whole family, including the father.

For almost 30 years the father Felix and his family travelled the world, learning their crafts and art. They now practice at their famous studios in Lausanne. In addition to Japanese and Indian styles, they are also linguists of the African traditions, having worked alongside Berber tribesmen, along with Indonesian, Polynesian and North American Indian masters.

But perhaps what they are most known for is their own personalized style, described by afficionados as 'soft and psychedelic'. Filip, Felix’s son, became a specialist in large pieces, body-suits even. Clients, over several years, offer up their bodies, their hands and even their faces for decoration.

The photographer Fabio Paleari has documented the studio and the designs of the Leu’s work in Lausanne and beyond. The results are phenomenal; no-one with skin can expect to be unaffected by his photographs, especially anyone who has admired the work of the tattooist from Polynesia to King's Cross.

For more on the Leu Family, visit: http://www.leufamilyiron.com

Hardcover. 224 pages. Measures 11” X 13”

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