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by Kofuu Senjuu Publications

Ivan is the eighth book in the premium Irezumi book series and features the raw and powerful Irezumi of Ivan Szazi. This large, deluxe, embossed Italian-cloth hardcover book is a limited-edition of 1500 copies printed in Sweden by Kofuu Senjuu Publications. Containing hundreds of photographs, it is possibly their biggest and most luxurious book to date.

Belonging to the same generation of tattoo artists as Filip Leu and Mick, Ivan Szazi is a man of great fame, yet his work had never been published for a larger audience. His reputation was based on rare sightings of tattoos at tattoo conventions or the odd photograph found at a tattoo studio. Everyone in the scene knew the importance of Ivan's work and his influence was without question, but most have only caught a frustrating glimpse of his genius. Yet, he is the mind behind a style of Irezumi that has been steadily gaining in poularity over the past two decades; Ivan has led the path that so many tattooers continue to follow today.

Hardcover. 300 pages. Measures 9 1/2" X 13 1/2"

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