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by Kazuaki Kitamura

This drawing-filled softcover book from Shige and Ichibay publisher, State of Grace, brings you an in depth study of the Esoteric Buddhist icon Fudo Myo-o featuring writings and drawings by tattoo artist Kazuaki "Horitomo" Kitamura.

Introducing many original drawings by Kitamura, this book also contains knowledge about Fudo Myo-o, esoteric Buddhism and their history. The worship of Fudo Myo-o was very popular in Edo period Japan, a time when tattooing was booming and widely practiced beyond religious boundaries. Fudo Myo-o in tattooing is usually not for the purpose of worship, but for personal protection or prayer. Fudo Myo-o continues to be a popular and exciting tattoo motif, both in Japan and around the world. This unique book is the first of its kind in English.

Kazuaki Kitamura has been tattooing for nearly twenty years and is an expert practitioner of traditional Japanese technique. In addition to his extensive knowledge of Japanese tattoo culture and tradition, he is well-versed in hand tattooing in the traditional method of which predates the electric tattoo machine. Horitomo presently resides in San Jose, California where he tattoos by machine and by hand at State of Grace Tattoo.

Softcover. 186 pages. Measures 13" X 9"

$49.99 USD