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Apprentice Tattoo Basics

Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo

by C.R. Jordan

This instructional textbook was made to accompany a tattoo artist's apprenticeship and gives detailed and comprehensive insider technical and business information. What is especially great, though, is that each book comes with an access code for the complementary website and forum that is loaded with even more technical information, training, and tips. This book is realistic and tells it like it is.

The forum, TMTT (Teach Me to Tattoo) expands on this textbook. The portal features an advanced search engine and database that catalogs many of the topics in the book and also allows you to ask specific questions. You can see the responses from other apprentices and the knowledgebase is expanding rapidly with more topics added daily. Once you purchase this book, you will have access to the entire portal indefinitely!

Charles Jordan completed his apprenticeship in Wiesbaden Germany at BoJo Tattoo under Sven Bohmer in 2003. In 2005, Jordan moved to Hawaii and joined the Army reserves. On his last tour in Iraq he spent his precious free time reading, thinking, and writing about tattooing. This text is the culmination of his rigorous apprenticeship and the lessons learned working in two different studios.

"Tattoo Basics" will help you to learn about tattooing technique as well as how a typical tattoo shop runs. While the online forum is an accompaniment to the book and the book is an accompaniment to an apprenticeship, it is loaded with enough information to stand alone.

A great value for the book and entrance into the forums.

Softcover. 240 pages. Measures 6" X 9"

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