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by Horiyoshi III and Gomineko Press

Japanese Buddhism x Horiyoshi III is the first book of it's kind on such esoteric and difficult to approach subject matter. Through pictures, this book brings together Japanese tattooing and Buddhist imagery found in architecture.

It contains hundreds of vivid color photos illuminating Japanese Buddhist iconography from the top four Buddhist expanses in Japan. The bold, depth-filled images were specifically chosen based on their ability to be used as direct tattoo reference.

The images include clear and thorough explanations, in English, of the numerous deities and symbols. This publication also includes tattoo reference provided by Horiyoshi III and his clients, plus a Horiyoshi III interview on Buddhism and it's relationship to Japanese tattooing.

Text by Manami Okazaki and photography from renowned cameraman Geoff Johnson

For more on Horiyoshi III, visit: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/tattoo/horiyoshi3/

Softcover. 374 pages. Meausres 6" x 9"

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