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Inward: The Art of Thomas Hooper

Edited by Miki Vialetto

Inward: The Art of Thomas Hooper is the latest Italian import from the series The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing and is a massive, cloth-bound, extremely deluxe embossed-hardcover tome containing the complex and stunning designs and artwork of tattooist Thomas Hooper.

It contains over 100 figures and the same number of patterns created by Hooper over the past few years. The paintings and drawings, inspired by wild nature and intrigues woven by the unconscious, feature his famous hypnotic geometrical patterns along with cosmological and Eastern religious imagery. In these pages Thomas Hooper captures the complexities of reality as he draws from a large variety of powerful symbols, bringing to light the deepest aspects of the human soul.

Hardcover, printed in Italy, 110 Pages. Measures 12" X 15"

$249.99 USD