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Advanced Color Blending

Tattoo Techniques with Carl Grace


by Carl Grace

Nearly four hours of detailed footage and instruction explaining and demonstrating Carl Grace's step-by-step process of applying color to create a clean, realistic, and painterly tattoo.

You will learn:
- Machine and needle set-up
- Full color palette set-up
- Layering and blending
- Full start to finish tattoo procedure

DVD chapters include:
- Creating the Stencil
- Tool Prep
- Palette Prep
- Applying the Stencil
- Starting the Tattoo
- Detailing the First Petal
- Continuing the Petals
- Finishing the Flower
- Outline and Highlights
- Beginning the Face
- Detailing the Facial Features
- Adding Contrast and Highlights

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DVD. NTSC format. 3 hours 39 minutes.

$99.99 USD

Not available in Canada.