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Kustom Graphics 2

Hot Rods, Burlesque and Rock 'n' Roll

by Art Chantry (Korero Books)

Maybe even better than the first volume, this book contains hundreds, possibly even thousands, of designs, with all new art and plenty of new artists, making this an essential source book for anyone into kustom, lowbrow, tattoos, rock-'n'-roll, and burlesque.

Kustom Graphics contributors Jorge Alderete and Sol Rac are back with new work. The vibrant California scene - surfing, hot rods, and much more - is represented by L.A.'s Kalynn Campbell, Jason Cruz, and Max Grundy; Damien Fulton from El Segundo; David Lozeau from Carlsbad; and Marco Almera and Rob Kruse. Cheesecake pin-up artist Andrew Bawidamann represents the Midwest via Columbus, Ohio, and Dan Picasso illustrates in a 1940s pulp style from Marathon, Texas. Canadian artists include Ontario's Jeff Norwell and Calgary's Mark Dulmadge. International artists include Europeans Harry Brack, Franke, Thorsten Hasenkamm, Claudia Hek, Angelique Houtkamp, Erik Kriek, Mighty Sam, Alex Patrocinio, and Jeffrey Warlich as well as Simon Watts from Australia.

Hardcover. 256 pages. Measures 9" X 10"

$44.99 USD