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Eight Arms of Inspiration

The Octopus Art Project

By Jinxi Caddel

Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project features an extensive collection of octopus-related, mostly-tattoo, artwork from around the world. It is a celebration of the cephalopod, a creature with eight-arms, three hearts, no bones, and blue blood. Crazy!

With a diverse array of mediums included, the octopus is interpreted in nearly 1,000 different ways by over 440 artists of many genres and disciplines. Featured in this extensive collection are paintings, drawings, tattoos, sculptures, sketches, photographs, graffiti art, digital art, jewelry, poetry, glasswork, cloth art, pottery, bronze work, cake art, and more.

Hardcover. 336 pages. Measures 8 3/4" X 11 1/2"

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