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Tattoo Custom Lettering Guides, Two Book Set

Lettering Guide 1 & Semi Custom Lettering Guide 2 for Today’s Tattoo Enthusiast

by B.J. Betts

BJ Betts ( is known as possibly the best freehand letterer in tattooing. In these essential reference guides BJ includes lessons on creating lettering, tons of alphabets, and he walks you through the creative process of lettering so you too can create forms that flow and letters that look like art. Follow his lessons, copy his examples, and you too will be lettering like the master, BJ Betts. You will receive BJ's first book, plus his second book which expands upon his ideas and is filled with even more new alphabets, lessons, lettering, and layout examples. These lettering guides are usually sold separately, but here are both books sold together .

Guide #1 - Softcover. 20 single sided thick pages. Measures 9" X 11"
Guide #2 - Softcover. 23 single sided thick pages. Measures 9" X 11"

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