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Suits Made to Fit

by Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv

Featuring the artwork and tattoo flash of bodysuit tattoos, Suits Made to Fit includes work by great artists Grime, Jason Kundell, Paco Excel, Adrian Lee, Horitaka, and more. This fifth edition maintains the high production quality of the previous editions, with vellum overlays protecting the incredible artwork pages and a slick new metallic-red hard slipcase protecting the softcover book.

Analog Tattoo Arts Kollectiv (ATAK) was formerly incarnated as the New Skool Kolectiv (aka NSK), Adrian Lee's previous company who were also the makers of the books Bloodwork and Full Coverage.

Softcover in slipcase. 104 pages. Measures. 9" X 11"

$29.99 USD