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Tradicional (Traditional) Vol. II

by Arte Tattoo

Softcover book, imported from Argentina, containing quality full-page traditional tattoo flash and art by 56 talented tattoo artists.

Some of the artists featured in Volume 2 include: Adri Oest, Angel Quiles, Bara, Brice Gomes, Hugo HAB, Hugo HAB & Bruna Yonashiro, Jeizel Seidy, Marcelo Arcuri "El KB", Kowhey, Luciano LCN, Luis Cobra, Marcelo D'Aloisio, Myke Chambers, Nash, Oriol Zambudio, Quyen Dinh, Rana Almiron, Rata Da House, Samuele Briganti, Seba Forace, Xandi Fromm.

Softcover. 128 pages. Measures 9" X 12"

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