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Black & Grey: Tattoo Design Collection Volume 2

by Arte Tattoo

Imported from Argentina, Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off and is a nice collection of 122 black-and-grey full-page tattoo art images by 37 top tattoo artists. It is broken up into three sections: color, black & grey, and sketches.

Some of the artists include: Alejandro Fernandez, Aaron Ruby, Fat, Fonzy, Javier Obregon, Leo Forte, Jay Wheeler, Jack Ribeiro, Leo Lavatori, and more! Wally Velasquez, Cristian Benvenuto, Dimitri Hk, Ezequiel Samuraii, Franko Anglas, Henry Anglas, Zsolt Sarközy, Chancey, Alex Gotza, and more.

Softcover. 130 pages. Measures 12" X 9"

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