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Tattoo Machine

The First DVD to Reveal the Secrets of the Tattoo Machine
(2-DVD Set)

by 3ntini

For a long time, the tattoo machine was a mysterious object to most people, protected as a trade secret that only heightened the intrigue and interest surrounding it. The only way to get near the device was to become an assistant and serve time apprenticing at a studio. Then, perhaps one day, the tattoo artist who had taken you under his wing could get you one of your own or even make one for you.

Nowadays, the proliferation of tattoo studios around the world has led to the establishment of companies specializing in the production of tattoo machines. The people who run these companies all have something in common: a love for the hand-produced instrument and sheer dedication to their work, sentiments that come across in their interviews here.

This double-DVD set includes information about the pieces that make up the machine, a detailed description of how it works, some maintenance tips, techniques demonstrated by Max Rambell, and exposes many more secrets straight from the best manufacturers in the world, all presented in two languages: Italian and English. Starring Biotek, Lauro Paolino, Miki Sharpz, and Pullman.

2-disc DVD set. Formatted in 4:3. 110 minutes. Region Code Area: All

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